About Us

The Saltpond Forum is a not-for-profit Community-Based Organization (CBO) whose identity, focus, ideals, principles and activities are not affiliated or defined in relation to any Political Party or any grouping whatsoever.

Our membership consists of disciplined young men and women who are natives of Saltpond, either by birth or lineage, as well as people who by virtue of work, education or other engagements, have been resident in Saltpond and share in the objectives of the Forum.

The aim of the Forum is to vigorously pursue and embark on programmes and activities that will enhance the growth, development and image of Saltpond in education, health, economic and social spheres. This can mainly be achieved by relying on the strengths, expertise and professional competence of the youth, with the able support and good counsel of other well-meaning individuals and organizations. In the long run, it is the strategic vision of the Forum to transform its members into real, true and dedicated agents of change and development in Saltpond.

In this regard, the Forum has, since its formation a few years ago, undertaken programmes particularly in the area of Health, Sanitation, Education and Advocacy.

Right from the beginning, The Forum rejuvenated the concept of Amandwuma, in collaboration with District Assembly Members, to encourage community cleaning and self-help activities.

In the area of health, The Forum has on a number of occasions donated various medical supplies and equipment to the Saltpond Government Hospital.

An educational programme to encourage effective reading and learning habits at the basic level was organised for school pupils in Saltpond, and this saw the coming together of schools to compete against each other in a quiz competition.

In our efforts to care for the poor and needy in society, the forum organised a donation exercise to the children of "Adehye Turow Orphanage" in Ewoyaa, a community close to Saltpond

Our most recent activity in the area of advocacy was a Press Conference organised by the group to bring to light the issues of neglect of our town by successive governments.